Fire boy Water girl 4

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Fire boy Water girl 4 is a game based on true story where a girl and boy came from the north to save the people in a difficulty of water. The area was like a desert where there was no water and the area got covered by the fire which was done by few culprits. When the area is saved from the fire, then the game characters head toward the culprits because they did not have had any other mission left across.

Fire boy Water girl 4 is a game which is based on a character of a boy and a girl. Girl keeps the water to kill the enemy and the boy uses his fire to out-range the enemy. You can play the multiplayer version of Fire boy Water girl 4 as well, where one player will control the boy and the other one will control the girl.

fire boy water girl 4

Fire boy Water girl 4 game isn’t for adults to play because it’s not that realistic and entertaining. With features less than the other games, Fire boy Water girl 4 is only restricted to the teen agers and the children so that they can spend their spare time in a very good way.

In this game, the girl has to deal with all the snow related things which comes her way as the part of obstacles and the other hand fire boy role is to slide on the ice to kill the enemy. After killing all the enemies, the fire boy and the water girl find their way to the temple’s gate.

All the levels in the game are so exciting to play and some are nail biting for the viewers. And we are sure about that, if you finish a level which is way too difficult you’ll jump out of joy from your seat.

fire boy water girl 4

Let’s now heads toward the requirements of Fire boy Water girl 4

Fire boy Water girl 4 unblocked Requirements

Fire boy Water girl 4 unblocked requirements are not so sloppy because every single computer can run this if the following things are there in your PC. So here we go!

  • Your PC must have 512mb of ram and 2.0GHZ with dirextx above 9
  • You need a browser which has flash player installed in it otherwise the game isn’t going to run on your PC. If the older version of flash players is installed, then again this game isn’t going to work because Fire boy Water girl 4 unblocked isn’t applicable to the older version to some extinct
  • A mouse may be required of you want to choose the mouse instead of keyboard because it’s easy from the mouse to play the game.
  • The graphic card of the game is supported at least 256mb because if you didn’t provide this game the least mb’s of the card, then the game will lag!

How to Play Fire boy Water girl 4

It’s not a difficult task to play Fire boy Water girl 4 game but you must know the controls before you play the game. So following are the controls of the game!

  • You can move the characters by “W, A, D, S” and buttons
  • And you can jump/slide the characters by pressing Space bar

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