G Switch 2

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Have you ever wondered about playing a game which can be played by your clan as well? Ever wondered about a small game with full of excitement or every wondered about sitting with your friends in a single room and playing the same game all together? If yes, then G Switch 2 is the game for you pals.

g switch 2

G Switch 2 is a racing game which offers multiplayer options so that you can play a racing game with your family as well. G Switch 2 is all about scoring points and beating your friends with your best scores and earns point. Through the points which you earned, you can buy a lot of new things in the game which requires some points to be taken and with all the latest and upgraded features; you can go 1 step ahead of your friend’s game.

G Switch 2 game allows you to play tournaments with random players which we call “Bots” in our language to give them a tough time. You can go to the settings and choose the difficulty level of the game. If you’re a beginner you can choose the easy level and if you’re an expert, then you can choose the hardest level as well.

G Switch 2 game asks only one thing from your player and that is escaping the obstacles by changing the gravity of the rider. Once you do that you can go to the next level in G Switch 2 game and that’s how the levels end up if you’re playing with bots.

g switch 2

G Switch 2 Unblocked Requirements

G Switch 2 unblocked has not many HYFY requirements, but obviously it requires some of the following requirements to run a game on its own.

  • Your PC must have 512mb of ram and 2.0GHZ with dirextx above 9
  • You need a browser which has flash player installed in it otherwise the game isn’t going to run on your PC. If the older version of flash players is installed, then again this game isn’t going to work because G Switch 2 unblocked isn’t applicable to the older version to some extinct
  • A mouse may be required of you want to choose the mouse instead of keyboard because it’s easy from the mouse to play the game.
  • The graphic card of the game is supported at least 256mb because if you didn’t provide this game the least mb’s of the card, then the game will lag!

How to play Gravity Switch 2

Gravity Switch 2 is easy to play but before playing the game, you must know all about the controls of the game. So following are the controls for Gravity Switch 2

  • Player 1 can change the gravity by pressing “C”
  • Player 2 can change the gravity by pressing “M”
  • Player 3 can change the gravity by pressing “Ctrl”
  • Player 4 can change the gravity by pressing “Right Arrow Key”
  • Player 5 can change the gravity by pressing “A”
  • Player 6 can change the gravity by pressing “3 Numpad”
  • Player 7 can change the gravity by pressing “B”
  • Player 8 can change the gravity by pressing “Left Click”

Now you can have fun with the game pals. And stay tuned for more fun which will come your way!

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