Give up robot

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This game is basically for those who love to play materialistic things and/or artificial things to make their selves entertain. Give up robot is a dancing game and fighting game which you have to play till the robot gives up or die.

Give up robot is a single player game which means that you have to compete the computer to get yourself entertain with next level. The next level will be more challenging and more difficult than the previous one because the is designed in such a way that you stuck to a single level for a very long period of time but if you’re a professional player and can handle any situation then it’s just a matter of some days to finish the game.

give up robot

Give up robot comes with a lot of new features and weapons which you can see and amaze by the quality that this game has. Give up robot has a lot of different graphic options and difficulty levels as well. You can choose any of the difficulty level as per you choice and can choose the graphics as per your computer demands.

give up robot

Give up robot unblocked 66 allows a robot to change into different robots but the condition is you’ve to earn a lot of points/cash to buy the robots. New robots which you buy can be more powerful and exciting to watch&play.

We are offering you this game with give up robot hacked version as well because the hacked version has a lot of new features and premium features which can simply take your breath away. And give up robot hacked has some outstanding graphics as well which make this game a lot more different from others.

Give up robot unblocked Requirements

The requirements of the give up robot unblocked game are same as the other online games which are being played by millions of user nowadays. So, without talking any further let’s talk about give up robot unlocked requirements.

  • Your PC must have 512mb of ram and 2.0GHZ with dirextx above 9
  • You need a browser which has flash player installed in it otherwise the game isn’t going to run on your PC. If the older version of flash players is installed, then again this game isn’t going to work because give up robot unblocked isn’t applicable to the older version to some extinct
  • A mouse may be required of you want to choose the mouse instead of keyboard because it’s easy from the mouse to play the game.
  • The graphic card of the game is supported at least 256mb because if you didn’t provide this game the least mb’s of the card, then the game will lag
give up robot

How to Play Give up robot unblocked 66

To play the game Give up robot unblocked 66, you need to follow the following controls. And these controls are often too common in all the games.

  • You can move the robot through arrow keys to encounter your opponent
  • You can press the button “M” or click on the mouse for the Fire option.

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