Tank Trouble 1 – Single player and multiplayer

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Tank trouble 1 single player

Yes, you can play tank trouble 1 single player. In the single player gameplay,
you will have face the computer as yours opponent and have
to battle against. You have to keep in mind one thing that it is hard to
beat the computer while you are playing tank trouble 1 single player.
Because when you are playing with yours friends you know his or her
weakness but when it come to the tank trouble 1 single player you
should have to be on the spot while battling with the computer. There
are three categories through when you can play the tank trouble 1
single player these are easy, medium and last one is hard. Every three
of these are have their own uniqueness according to the situation of
the game that you are playing. I suggest you that if you are new to the
game you should have to try the easy mode option because in the easy
mode it gives you more freedom to easily battle against your opponent
tanks. And you have played the game enough for the sometime you can
also try the medium and the hard option to play, in the medium and
hard option the gameplay becomes very much interesting and
intellectual through which you can enjoy the game very much. You can
also choose the color yours tanks which you can avail this option
according the levels of the game, in the first 10 levels you can avail
black tanks and after words blue and red tanks.

Tank trouble 1 multiplayer

In the multiplayer option of the tank trouble 1 multiplayer, you have
the option to play the game with 2 or 3 players at the same times and
you know that is very much exciting to be heard that when can play up
to 3 players at the single time. In the game play option of the tank
trouble 1 multiplayer online you also have the 3 options as well which
are easily, medium and hard and its depends upon yours choice and

practice that which level that you want to play. Mostly kids love to play
the multiplayer version of the tank trouble because in this you will have
more levels and the weapons armory option which will lead you to the
new option to enhance the game play and enjoy as much as you can. In
order to play the multiplayer in the tournament first of all you should
have to be enough coins in order to participate and also the good
practice because as you see it is very much difficult to battle against the
players from all around the world because some of them are very much
like the pros of the game and they are also very much difficult to
defeat, as may be sometimes you can knockout earlier in the first round
of the tournament of the game. So in order to have the good
experience you may have to try the multiplayer version of the game.

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