Tank Trouble 3

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Tank Trouble 3

Tank trouble 3 is the 3rd version of the tank trouble series. The series of the tank trouble is being developed by the Mads Purup. The main object of the tank trouble 3 is to destroy the enemy tanks and to get the maximum points and move towards the next level. The tank in this shooting game shoot bullets which bounce to the wall and hit to the enemy tanks. In the tank trouble 3 there are 10 additional weapons which we can upgrade at the certain level and get the maximum points as possible. The guns or the weapons used in the tank trouble 3 have many special abilities which are being very much useful to destroy the other tanks as quickly as possible. The booby trap is a very useful weapon in this game through it the tank doesn’t shoot any bullets, it just put the landmines which are invisible to the other tanks and when the tanks cross the line under the landmine, the enemy tank blast off and torn into the pieces. The death ray weapon is being considered to be the most effective superpower armor. To use this weapon into play we just have the charge this weapon which literally takes 3 seconds to charge up and after that, it processes the stream of the light beam which when bounce through the wall will aim towards the target point. The frag bomb weapon strikes the single bullet from its armory, the difference between with the weapon from other bullets is that the size of the bullet is larger in the size of the remaining weapon’s bullets and it has a greater impact also as well. The shotgun is also the very impressive weapon as well it shot out the tiny bullets which are greater in number and are enough to destroy the enemy tank if the bullets cannot hit the tank and bounce off the wall can get disappeared soon. At the least, the laser weapon can be worked as both the weapon and the aiming target option which will give you the best angle top destroy the tanks with accuracy. The laser weapon also has the option to freeze the other tanks which will which will give you enough time to destroy other tanks with a quick frame of the time. The robotics tanks are very much harder to battle against them because they use the special weapons powers which are sometimes difficult to defend and strike your opponent. This game also has an international online event through which many players around the world participate and play against each other and win the special reward whoever qualify for the finals for this gaming event.

Game play of the tank trouble 3

Once when you have opened the tank trouble 3 game, you will see the option of the whether you like to play as single, two player or the 3rd player option. This version of the tank trouble series have highly impressive animations and graphics to play. In tank trouble 3 you can also have the option of the leader board option through which you can check who is on the top. The good thing about this game is that you can play this game without any restrictions which are sometimes you will while playing the other games and you should have to showcase your skills well enough in order enjoy this game. In the tank trouble 3 you will face the most exciting challenges and you will have the chance to battle against the world top best players has well which we cannot see in its previous version of the tank trouble series. The game controls of the tank trouble 3 are very simple and you will have the best and unique experience while playing this game. You can move around your tank through different directions using the arrow keys on the keyboard. The best strategy while playing this game is that you have to shoot the bullet from wide angle without facing yours opponent as from face to face which is the best strategy to play from my perspectives in order to last longer in the game and to win the battle. You can also choose the color of the tanks as your desire like red, blue and the green color. You skill level will be developed as more game you play because in the last stages of the game it is being quiet difficult for the players to play and emerge towards the next level. For the beginners who are new to the game must practice more and more in order to be the pro and win the final battles of the game with ease.

Tank trouble 3 unblocked

You can download the tank trouble 3 unblocked by going to the unblocked games free to play, there you find plenty of free games which you can play whenever you want for free. If the tank trouble 3 is being blocked at your school for that you don’t need to have worried guys, you can play this game for free by using the proxy server for free. Tank trouble have many series which you can play without having to avail any subscription charges as some sites suggest you to do if you want to play the game online. Tank trouble 3 unblocked is very much popular these days due to its new update which include new levels and weapons armory, these assets will make the game even more interesting and exciting to play.

Tank trouble 3

New update also have the improved graphics and game play. The most amazing thing about this new version update is that you can play this game in full screen and if you don’t like to play this game online you also have the option of to download this game on yours pc or laptop for free. So I suggest you guys that try this amazing shooting game which will be worth for you guys.

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